Russian missile kills 4-year-old girl with Down syndrome

A Russian missile fell from the sky as Liza, a 4-year-old Down syndrome child, and her mother traveled through central Ukraine to meet a speech therapist.

She never arrived at the scheduled meeting. Currently, the photographs that depict her life and death are moving people’s hearts all around the world.

Liza, who was wearing a blue denim jacket with flowers, was one of 23 persons killed on Thursday in Vinnytsia, including two boys, aged 7 and 8. Iryna Dmytrieva, her mother, was one of the many people hurt.

The mother and daughter left the scene of the explosion in opposite directions. Liza went to a morgue while Iryna, 33, entered an intensive care unit at a hospital.

Iryna’s aunt Tetiana Dmytrysyna said to media on Friday, “She remembered that she was reaching for her daughter, and Liza was already dead.” “The mother’s most priceless possession was stolen from her,”

Shortly before the explosion, Dmytrieva shared a video of her daughter cheerfully strolling through Vinnytsia while struggling to reach the handles of her own pram. She was wearing a denim jacket and white leggings, and her hair was styled with a barrette. The young girl was seen dancing amid a field of lavender in a different social media video. She was wearing a lavender frock.

Following the Russian missile attack, images of the scene from Ukraine’s rescue services showed her lifeless body next to her blood-stained pram. The most recent footage and pictures from the horrible war in Ukraine have gone viral, horrifying people all around the world.

While making a Christmas movie with a group of kids who were given enormous ornaments to paint, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s wife wrote on social media that she had met this “beautiful girl.”

Then, in a half-hour, the little mischievous girl succeeded in painting not only herself and her holiday dress but also all the other kids, me, the cameramen, and the director. Please watch her alive, wrote Olena Zelenska in a message that was included with the video.

Dmytrieva and her family evacuated the country’s capital, Kyiv, as the conflict broke out for Vinnytsia, a city 268 kilometers (167 miles) to the southwest. Vinnytsia was seen as reasonably secure before Thursday.

When Dmytrieva was 29 years old, she gave birth to her lone daughter. Despite having a cardiac abnormality from birth, the girl was saved by physicians. She had Down syndrome as well.

Liza was a happy baby, according to her great-aunt. According to them, these kids don’t comprehend or know how to accomplish things. However, this is untrue. She was a gifted youngster. She could draw, talk, always helped grownups, and had a constant smile. Always upbeat.

Liza was her mother’s greatest blessing in life.

The great-aunt remarked, “She adored her enormously.”

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