New York: McDonald’s worker shot over cold fries

According to media and authorities, a man in New York has been charged with attempted murder after reportedly shooting a McDonald’s employee for allegedly delivering his mother cold french fries.

In the Big Apple, numerous shooting events happen every day.

According to authorities and the New York Post, in this most recent incident, 20-year-old Michael Morgan shot the 23-year-old McDonald’s employee in Brooklyn on Monday night.

In the hospital, the victim is in critical condition.

A 40-year-old lady and the victim got into a fight when she claimed the victim gave her cold fries, according to the tabloid.

She placed a video call to her son Morgan, who suddenly barged into the fast food restaurant and quarreled with the worker before the two of them left.

According to a police source quoted by the Post, Morgan then shot the employee.

According to the tabloid, the accused has been detained multiple times for different offences.

According to a New York Police Department official who talked to the media, Morgan was also charged with criminal possession of a loaded handgun.

According to the NYPD’s weekly figures, the number of shooting victims in New York is down from 1,051 to 988, or nearly 9%, from the previous year.

The Small Arms Survey organization found that there are roughly 120 weapons for every 100 people in the US.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, more than 45,000 persons were killed by weapons in 2020, half of them committed suicide.

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