30 years on, China revises law on women protection

According to news agencies, China passed legislation on Sunday that will provide women better protection against sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The event, which is being described as a first in thirty years, occurred a few days after the legislation was sent to the country’s parliament after a third rewrite in response to concerns raised by the activists. They cited the government’s growing emphasis on the importance of gender-specific traditional roles as well as its opposition to abortion as setbacks for women’s rights.

Here is what we currently know about the updated women’s protection legislation.

1) The degree to which the conservative sentiments criticized by some will be reflected in the new statute was not immediately obvious.

2) According to reports, this amendment to China’s women’s law is the first in nearly 30 years.

3) On Friday, the National People’s Congress (NPC) website announced the passage of the “Women’s Rights and Interests Protection Law” law. Starting in 2023, the updated law will be in effect.

4) According to a previous report from the Chinese news agency, the law “strengthens the protection of the rights and interests of disadvantaged groups such as poor women, old women, and disabled women.”

5) The agency was also quoted as saying that if employers violate the rights and interests of women with regard to employment and social security, they will be held accountable.

6) The measure reportedly stated that it will be a “offense” to prevent the release of trafficked and kidnapped women, and it also outlined the duties of local authorities in such situations. An earlier picture of a woman in shackles sparked widespread outrage and raised questions about how human trafficking is handled in China.

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