Talented people across globe moving to US: Nobel prize winner

The best and most talented individuals have been migrating to the US since 1950. This is because they provide funding for research initiatives and encourage gifted individuals who have access to sufficient funding to stay in the field and conduct additional research. People in India have expanded their knowledge and perspectives recently, and in order to inspire the next generation, we must show them how diverse the field of “sciences” is.

This was said by Michel Mayor, a Swiss astrophysicist and retired professor from the department of astronomy at the University of Geneva. Along with Jim Peebles and Didier Queloz, he shares the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics in the field of physics.

“My team and I announced the first finding of a planet circling a sun-like star in 1995, and we got nominated for the Nobel Prize in 2019,” Mayor stated, encouraging the kids. Although I had anticipated the nominations, I was pleasantly surprised by the award. I learned about the award shortly after it had been officially announced.

I have always been a big fan of science. When I decided to pursue physics for my master’s in 1964, I was torn between the two fields. I focused on binary stars, open and globular clusters, and the structure and evolution of the Milky Way Galaxy when I first began my research career, but as time went on, my passion for astrophysics grew. We only began investigating planets in 1993, he continued.

The time between discoveries and Nobel Prize nominations is currently 30 years. The west and wealthy nations were far better at researching and finding new breakthroughs thirty years ago. Indian scientists will undoubtedly gain recognition in the coming years because they have also produced great innovations.

Children must enjoy, understand, and be interested in the pure sciences because no new discoveries or innovations can be created before studying physics, biology, or chemistry. Without understanding the pure sciences, no scientist can directly make discoveries.

Children today have a wide range of chances to study in the best institutions in the world thanks to international collaboration in the fields of education and research. Even in my university, where many Indians are active in the research community and producing excellent work, there are now a lot of Indian students studying abroad.

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