Australia invests in Adelaide 36ers innovative schools program

The State Government announced Tuesday that it would significantly increase financing for Adelaide 36ers’ Innovative Schools Program.

The program, a collaboration between the Adelaide 36ers and top sports mentorship company XVenture and supported by Flinders University, will be established thanks to an investment of more than $100,000 announced by the State Government on Tuesday.

The Hon. Blair Boyer, Minister for Education, Training, and Skills, stated that young people would have the opportunity to learn from top local athletes in a hands-on, approachable setting and apply those teachings outside the classroom.

Minister Boyer said, “We are leading the nation with this innovative program to enhance student well-being and develop leadership skills.”

It’s yet another opportunity for students to finish their coursework through community-based learning.

Through a novel new program utilizing online, in-classroom, and outdoor activities, South Australian high school students will learn crucial skills from an elite sporting organization and earn credits towards their SACE.

The organization will assist in implementing the Adelaide 36ers XVenture Schools Program, an initiative of its kind in Australia that uses basketball to develop students’ resilience, well-being, and leadership.

Up to 20 schools and 1000 children can participate in the program this year thanks to the financing, allowing them to acquire skills for success outside the classroom.
According to club CEO Nic Barbato, the Adelaide 36ers & XVenture Schools Program will be made available to South Australian schools in 2023.

Through the program, we want to support young people in becoming self-assured, prosperous, all-around persons, according to Barbato.

Through the Adelaide 36ers XVenture “Virtual Campus” platform, which teachers can access for a one-stop resource hub with lesson plans, videos, and development tools, the Schools Program gives students a blend of immersive classroom and online-based learning.
The fully integrated course includes practical outdoor workouts and unusual insights into sports marketing and media, athletes’ health, and nutrition.

Year 10 students are the target audience for the lessons, earning participants 10 SACE credits and a Certificate in Emotional Agility, Resilience, and Leadership.

The 60-hour course, based on a popular high school program in NSW, is intended to be spread across two terms, but because of its flexibility, schools can start it any time during the academic year.

The State Government’s assistance also entails a study of the program’s effects and advantages on student learning.

The curriculum will be implemented by teachers who have received training from XVenture, whose founder, Professor Mike Conway, serves as the mindset performance coach for the Adelaide 36ers and the national men’s soccer team, The Socceroos.

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