Brexit: What happens after UK’s exit?

When December of 2020 rolled around, the Brexit discussions between the UK and the EU were in their final stages. In January of 2021, the United Kingdom officially severed its ties with the European Union (EU), but the new relationship was far from stable.

Since then, the United Kingdom and the European Union have had disagreements on a number of issues, including trade, migration, and the Northern Ireland Protocol, all of which remain unresolved.

This year, both parties have been forced to contend with internal political instability, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and a global energy crisis, all of which have altered the dynamic of their partnership and put a strain on it. In the coming years, both parties will be required to confront issues that are of mutual concern, including as the development of China, the effects of climate change, and the state of security on the European continent.

In order to acquire an insider’s perspective on how the United Kingdom and the European Union negotiated Brexit, this conversation includes persons who were there in the room during the discussions for Brexit, including Michel Barnier’s adviser.

The panel provides their assessment of the current state of the post-Brexit discussions by combining the insights from a recently published book titled Inside the Deal: How the EU Got Brexit Done with their own expert perspective.

Among the most important questions are–what problems with the agreement still need to be resolved?, How has the EU changed since the United Kingdom’s exit?, What kind of stance would a potential Labour government take toward the relationship between the UK and the EU?; and What would be the greatest and worst possible outcomes for relations between the UK and the EU in 2030?

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