One year of war: Supporting Ukraine, Aus to impose new sanctions on Russia

The unlawful and unethical full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia began one year ago today, and Australia mourns the immeasurable losses that Ukraine has suffered.
Honor the Ukrainian people’s unshakable resolve and fortitude as they resist Russia’s ongoing aggression.

“We are honored to support Ukraine in defending its citizens, its borders, and its sovereignty. The Australian government has announced increased military support for Ukraine and additional costs for Russia, including new sanctions, on this somber occasion.

The Australian government will give Ukraine more unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). The Ukrainian Armed Forces are able to conduct combat intelligence gathering, monitoring, and reconnaissance thanks to these systems.

Also, as part of Operation Kudu, Australia’s contribution to a UK-led international training program, the first rotation of around 200 Ukrainian recruits will graduate from military training in the United Kingdom today with the assistance of Australian Defense Force personnel.

Further targeted financial sanctions and travel bans have been enforced by the Australian government against 40 businesses and 90 individuals. Russian ministries with responsibilities in the fields of energy, natural resources, industry, education, labor, migration, and health are among the targets of the new sanctions.

Persons and organizations that engage in activities that are strategically and economically important to Russia or that endanger the territorial integrity or sovereignty of Ukraine are subject to sanctions.

In reaction to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Australia has now enacted more than 1,000 sanctions.

At a special session of UN General Assembly, Australia joined 140 other member nations in supporting a resolution asking for a just peace in Ukraine.

We once more urge Russia to resolve the conflict by removing its troops from Ukrainian soil.

The Ukrainian people are experiencing a really somber event, according to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. The costs of Russia’s aggression remain immeasurable a year after its unprovoked, unlawful, full-scale invasion.

“The Ukrainian people, under the steadfast leadership of President Zelenskyy, have shown incredible strength and courage in the face of Russian aggression. We are still supporting Ukraine.

In response to requests, Australia is supplying more unmanned aerial systems to the Ukrainian government. This assistance will give the Ukrainian Armed Forces a battlefield intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capability as they continue to combat Russia’s unjustified aggression.

When they start the struggle against Russia, they will have the abilities and expertise to save lives.

“Australia is applying new measures,” said foreign minister Penny Wong, “targeting those in the Russian Government who are assisting prolong this war, those financing this war, and those propagating falsehoods to justify this war.”

The most extensive sanctions program against Russia is that of Australia. This demonstrates our adherence to the fundamental principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as our support for the Ukrainian people.

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