Prince Harry, Meghan Markle can’t travel to Australia. Here’s why!

Following their recent “quasi-royal” trip to Nigeria, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are gearing up for a world tour. However, their rumored visit to Australia may face delays, according to a royal correspondent who has criticized the Sussexes for their emphasis on privacy.

Speaking with Sky News Australia, royal author Louise Roberts explained the obstacles the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might encounter regarding their alleged visit to Australia. “In May, after Nigeria, which was a successful faux royal tour for them, let’s face it, Harry made the comment that they want to do more of this,” Roberts said.

“They can’t go where Charles and Camilla will go – they can’t go to Australia,” Roberts stated on the channel’s Royal Report segment. She criticized their previous desires to keep their affairs private, stating that a “world tour is a direct contradiction” to their “obsession with privacy.”

Meanwhile, Meghan and Prince Harry have shared glimpses of their Nigeria trip with their fans. In a heartwarming moment, Meghan Markle was touched by a gift she received for her children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. During the trip, the former senior royals received handcrafted teddy bears from Grace Busari, the 13-year-old daughter of CNN Nigeria Bureau Chief.

The sweet gesture left Meghan emotional as she embraced Grace’s mother, Stephanie, after receiving the gift. Stephanie later recounted the moment, saying, “Wow! That was the weekend that was! Flying to Abuja to cover the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s visit, I truly didn’t know what to expect.”

“I was very pleasantly surprised. They are fun, caring, loved up, compassionate, total naturals with a crowd. To see Harry sitting on the floor to play volleyball with disabled servicemen was something, and he showed such compassion during his hospital visit to Kaduna,” she added.

Stephanie’s recount of the visit highlighted the personal and compassionate side of Harry and Meghan, contrasting the criticism they often face. “It was clear that they genuinely cared about the people they met and the causes they supported,” she continued. “Harry’s engagement with the disabled servicemen and his compassion during the hospital visit were truly heartwarming.”

Despite the positive reception of their Nigeria trip, the couple’s plans for future travels, especially to countries like Australia, remain uncertain. The royal expert’s comments underline the ongoing tension between their desire for privacy and their public engagements. This dynamic continues to shape their public perception and the logistics of their global endeavors.

As Harry and Meghan Markle navigate these challenges, their recent activities indicate a continued commitment to their philanthropic goals. Their interactions in Nigeria, the warm reception from local communities, and the emotional moments shared with individuals like Grace and Stephanie Busari, suggest they are keen on maintaining a visible and impactful presence on the global stage.

For now, their supporters eagerly await further announcements about their world tour. Whether or not Australia will be a part of their itinerary, it is clear that Harry and Meghan’s efforts to engage with various communities and causes worldwide will remain a significant aspect of their post-royal life.

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