Australia strengthen higher education with first global treaty

Australia has ratified the first international agreement governing higher education, facilitating greater global mobility for Australian educational institutions and their students.

The new UNESCO Global Convention, based on Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education guarantees that graduates of Australian educational institutions will have their degrees recognized in a fair, open, and non-discriminatory manner worldwide.

The disruption of education access and continuity caused by the global pandemic has brought to light the significance of offering high-quality education outside conventional in-person and in-country models.

Due to Australia’s participation in the Global Convention, students can be assured that they will have easier access to higher education and its associated credentials through various learning methods, including online or blended learning, joint degrees, micro certificates, and delivery on distant campuses.

Australia has a long history of being a pioneer in delivering new and innovative education, increasing access and participation for domestic students and students from around the world studying abroad and ensuring a high-quality learning environment.

Australia will continue collaborating with nations worldwide to build networks, share information and advancements regarding our educational system, and create the knowledge platforms and tools necessary for cross-national cooperation.

It can significantly increase understanding, recognition, and trust in Australian qualifications and boost our ability to compete internationally by making information about Australia’s educational system, quality frameworks, educational institutions, and capabilities easily accessible and understandable.

Australia will continue to promote international best practices to encourage graduate and student mobility in both directions.

A key accomplishment of the Australian Strategy for International Education 2021–2030 is the signing of the Global Convention.

To maximize the advantages of international education and Australia’s strict educational standards, it reflects Australia’s leadership in regional and global qualifications recognition.
Australia’s ratification of Global Convention is a milestone in education, according to Minister of Education Jason Clare.

The 1.4 million students attending our universities each year can now be even more confident that their Australian degree, whether earned on-campus, abroad or online, will be recognized in other nations, enabling them to pursue more lucrative employment opportunities and access higher education abroad.

Australia, a country with comprehensive education and training system, has established pathways across the school, vocational education and training, higher education, and employment,” said Brendan O’Connor, the minister of skills and training.

Being a part of the Global Convention will increase global recognition of Australia’s top-notch vocational education and training graduates who are prepared for jobs in the twenty-first century.

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