Australia plans long-time gambling reforms

Independent gambling reform candidate Troy Stolz has refuted opposition leader Chris Minns’ assertions that he is ‘controlled’ by the longtime proponent of gambling reform Rev Tim Costello.

Stolz declared, “I am fiercely independent, and nobody controls me.

The assertions were made by Mr Minns when he stated: “Costello is fielding a candidate against me in Kogarah” in a profile piece on the opposition leader published last weekend in The Australian newspaper.

It is beyond comprehension that Chris Minns would doubt my independence and moral character, said Mr Stolz.

I am an independent man who makes my own decisions. I’ve had to make important choices in my life as a whistleblower and in my fight against cancer, and I’m now more determined to take on Chris Minns and the other opponents of gambling reform. I realize Mr Minns might disagree with my stance, but it is false and deceptive to say that Rev.

Costello is ‘running’ me for office. I did not volunteer to run for office, and Rev. Costello is not “running” me. Rev. Costello is a respected national voice on gambling reform, and a rising number of Australians and I agree on what needs to change. He graciously accepted my invitation to help me launch my campaign because he is a private citizen and a seasoned champion.

Chris Minns might not want me to run against him in Kogarah, but he should address the issues rather than attempt to cloud the situation with untrue claims and accusations.

This article discusses the issue of gambling addiction, family dissolution, and money laundering in New South Wales. Personalities or dismissing well-documented significant health, social, and criminality issues as “political exaggeration” should not be a factor.

This is immensely contemptuous of those who have lost their homes, families, and loved ones and those in politicians who support the gambling industry, according to Mr Stolz.

The Labor Leader has presented a detailed plan to address problem gambling and money laundering in NSW, according to a spokesperson for Mr Minns, who declined to comment.

The spokesperson added that the Labor Leader focused on issues important to the residents of Kogarah, such as capping toll costs, rebuilding Kogarah Public School, and not selling off public assets.

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