Children are ‘voiceless’ DFV victims: Barnardos Australia

Every child is born with a right to a childhood free from abuse and violence. Domestic and family violence (DFV) has a catastrophic impact on children and young adults, as evidenced by the growing body of research on the subject. Despite the evidence, children and young people are still seen as witnesses to DFV rather than as its direct victims.

It is time to establish proper DFV support policies and programs that include children and young people. Children and young people should be recognized as equal victim-survivors in their own right, with safety and support requirements.

This research report is essential to our ongoing attempts to comprehend children’s experiences. Since children are frequently the “voiceless victims,” we hope this report will encourage community conversation on the long-term repercussions of domestic and family violence.

“Our research dispels the idea that youngsters are resilient and will naturally overcome the detrimental consequences of maltreatment,” says Dr Robert Urquhart.

Our organization’s approach is child-focused. We offer bundled programs and services to “wrap around” families and help them cope with the trauma brought on by domestic and family violence (DFV).

When children are living at home, and there has been or is family or domestic violence, Barnardos assists those families. To provide each family member with specialized support, the agency works with families to assess their needs and strengths. The support is designed to enable families to make lasting, significant changes and is evaluated every three months.

The program aims to build families, keep kids safe, and relieve parental stress.

Home visits, safety planning, domestic violence education, court support, parenting support and education, household management and budgeting, practical assistance and coordination of specialist assessments and referrals, group work, and referrals to programs within Barnardos are all provided by the service.

Mothers who have experienced Domestic and Family Violence are the target audience for this eight-week program, which is administered in a group environment and meets once a week (DFV).

This is a therapeutic-style group rather than a psychoeducational group that aids women in discovering the coping mechanisms and capacity to recover from the trauma they already possess.

The group supports women’s reconnection with their bodies, families, communities, and themselves.

The group’s mission is to help women and their kids get along better and give them a platform to support their kids’ lived trauma experiences.

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