2023 Quad Summit: US, India, Japan top leaders to visit Australia

When the prime minister, Anthony Albanese, receives the president of the United States, Joe Biden, and the prime ministers of India and Japan for a significant diplomatic event, the Sydney Opera House will be the focal point of a substantial security operation.

The Quad leaders’ summit will take place on May 24 at “Australia’s most recognizable building,” according to Albanese’s statement on Wednesday.

As the US president, Biden will be making his first trip to Australia. While there, he plans to address a joint session of the Australian parliament.

Narendra Modi, the prime leader of India, last paid a visit to Australia in 2014, when he spoke before parliament and more than 20,000 spectators at Sydney Olympic Park.

The other participant was Fumio Kishida, the prime minister of Japan, who visited Perth at the end of last year to strengthen security ties with Australia.

Given the requirement for stringent security measures to welcome the leaders, the event presents enormous logistical obstacles.

According to the budget released in October, Australia would spend a staggering $23 million to host the summit, including over $5 million to help protect the event.

Australia, the US, Japan, and India meet as part of the Quad, a previously informal diplomatic organization that has become more active in recent years. Discussions at the Quad Center on security and other concerns affecting the Indo-Pacific region.

Beijing is wary of the Quad and condemns the idea as a way to curb China’s ascent.

Albanese’s trip to Tokyo for the preceding Quad leaders’ meeting, which took place just days after the May 2022 election, was one of his first official acts as prime minister.

On Wednesday, Albanese stated that “Quad Partners are deeply invested in the success of the Indo-Pacific.”

“Taking advantage of our combined strengths enables Australia to progress its objectives and better meet the requirements of the area.

“When we take action with our close friends and partners, we always come out ahead.”

According to Albanese, the leaders will utilize the occasion to examine the current state of the world economy and security issues.

With strategic competition in our region and the continued effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he remarked, “We know that we live in a more unstable world.”

The summit, according to Albanese, would have “spin-off” advantages and provide an opportunity to “showcase this beautiful city and this wonderful country to the entire world.”

Chris Minns, the premier of New South Wales, welcomed the news and said it was appropriate that “our global city” will host the first Quad leaders’ meeting to take place on Australian territory.

According to Minns, “Our businesses have trading ties that span the globe.”

“For many months, my government and our organizations have been working arduously to ensure the success of this significant event.”

Trying to “minimize disruption to the Sydney community,” Minns said NSW government agencies, including NSW Police and Transport, were in discussions with the federal government.

Following the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Japan, on May 19–21—an occasion that Albanese will also attend—Biden and Kishida will fly to Australia.

When asked about Biden’s plan to run for office again in 2024 on Wednesday, Albanese responded that he thought of the president as a friend but would not speak on US politics.

President Biden will be warmly welcomed in Australia, according to Albanese.

In addition, the prime minister said he was finalizing plans for a bilateral visit to the US and that he will attend the APEC summit in San Francisco later this year.

Biden and Albanese last spoke in San Diego in March. The two announced the multi-decade plans for Australia to buy nuclear-powered submarines project under the Aukus contract alongside the UK’s Rishi Sunak.

Despite the fact that the foreign ministers of the four nations met in Melbourne in February 2022, this will be the first time Australia has hosted a summit of the Quad leaders.

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