Aus invests $200 mln for Indonesia clean energy

To assist Indonesia in its transition to clean energy, the Australia-Indonesia Climate and Infrastructure Partnership will receive an investment of two hundred million dollars.

The relationship between Australia and Southeast Asia involves investment, engagement, and commitment for clean energy. The Australian Government declared in May 2022 that it intended to intensify the country’s interaction with the surrounding area as a top priority. Since then, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Penny Wong, has travelled around Southeast Asia and visited all of the countries there except Myanmar. This is an unequivocal declaration of Australia’s goals and priorities.

To fulfil its obligations, the Australian Government possesses the following:

Since May 2022, we have been responsible for facilitating over 40 trips between Southeast Asia and Australia by senior Ministers, four of which were made by the Australian Prime Minister.

We agreed to improve our ties with Laos, the Philippines, and Vietnam, and we also finished putting the ASEAN-Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership into action.

It increased Official Development Assistance (ODA) to a projected total of $1.24 billion in 2023–2024, equivalent to allocating an additional $470 million in ODA to Southeast Asia over four years.

The maximum amount that can be invested in the Emerging Markets Impact Investment Fund (EMIIF) is increased to attract further funding from the private sector, particularly in Southeast Asia.

Appointed a Special Envoy for Southeast Asia and Committed to Delivering a Southeast Asia Economic Strategy to 2040. To strengthen our economic engagement with the area, we set a Special Envoy for Southeast Asia and Committed to Delivering both.

They have introduced a brand new Government-to-Government Partnerships in Southeast Asia initiative to strengthen existing partnerships between government agencies and their counterparts in the region.

Sponsored the education of one hundred ASEAN students in Australia and committed to organizing a special summit in March 2024 to mark the 50th anniversary of establishing dialogue relations between ASEAN and Australia.

To facilitate expanded engagement with Timor-Leste, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) established and has continued to build its Office of Southeast Asia.
Additionally, the Government is:

Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand will be eligible to apply for these new specialized scholarships, which are being offered as a supplement to the Australia Awards scholarship program.

To increase the number of educational and professional development possibilities available to Southeast Asian partners in Australia, we are developing a new scholarship program.

We are increasing the number of visitors from the Indo-Pacific region to Canberra through the Canberra Fellowships Program by about ten times, doubling the current number of visits.

Southeast Asia and Australia are part of the same region and will have similar futures. We will keep working to strengthen our long-standing relationships with the area and will do everything in our power to promote an open, secure, and prosperous environment in which ASEAN and institutions led by ASEAN play a central role.

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