Australia announces $110 mln more aid to Ukraine

The new aid support package for Ukraine will be worth 110 million dollars and provided by the Australian government. With this assistance, Ukraine will be better able to resist and protect itself against Russia’s invasion, which is unlawful, unethical, and unprovoked.

Since Russia’s bloody invasion 16 months ago, Australia has been steadfast in its support of Ukraine. We are continuing to cooperate with the government of Ukraine to assist that both addresses the needs of Ukraine and complements the support that our partners are providing.

This package, which fulfils Ukraine’s requests for vehicles and ammunition, will have a discernible impact on the current situation on the front lines. This includes the following:

70 military vehicles, including 14 Special Operations Vehicles, 28 MAN 40M medium trucks, and 14 trailers. Also included are 28 M113 armoured vehicles.

Provision of ammunition for the 105mm artillery.

Donating ten million dollars to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which is in charge of managing the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund, will assist in meeting the needs for clean water, sanitation, shelter, and medical services.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has exacted a horrific toll on Ukrainian families, the elderly, and the young children. The needs of the Ukrainian people will be supported by Australia’s donation of 10 million dollars to the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.

In addition, in order to promote Ukraine’s economic recovery and prospects for trade, Australia has decided to continue granting duty-free access to its market for goods imported from Ukraine for an additional year.

Because of the promises made today, Australia’s total assistance to Ukraine now amounts to $790 million, of which $610 million is designated for military support.

The statement made by Australia’s Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, was as follows: “This latest package of support demonstrates that Ukraine can count on Australia.”

“We are supportive of international efforts to ensure that Putin’s assault is unsuccessful and that Ukraine maintains its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Australia is steadfast in our determination to condemn and oppose Russia’s actions and to assist Ukraine in achieving victory.”

Richard Marles, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was quoted as saying that “Ukraine has demonstrated strength, resilience, and courage in defending against Russia’s unjust invasion.” Australia is pleased to be one of the greatest providers to Ukraine, which is not a member of NATO, and it will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine so that it can bring an end to the war on its own terms.

“The situation in Ukraine has brought to light the usefulness of Australian vehicles on the battlefield.”

“This package will continue to support Ukrainians who are serving on the front line.”

Penny Wong, Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs, issued the following statement: “We stand with the Ukrainian people and pay tribute to the extraordinary courage and resolve of their people.”

“Families, children, and old people in Ukraine have been forced to bear a terrible cost as a result of Russia’s invasion, and Australia is providing funding to support them.

It is absolutely unacceptable to permit Russia to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of any other nation.

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