EasyJet announces free travel for grandparents on holidays to Europe

EasyJet’s holiday wing is offering a “grans go free” promotion, allowing one grandparent to travel free of charge on trips to European destinations, including Spain, Greece, and Italy. The initiative aims to encourage multigenerational holidays, with research revealing that half of families have never traveled abroad with their grandparents. The travel industry identifies multigenerational vacations as one of the post-pandemic trends, driven by a renewed desire among younger generations to holiday with their parents and grandparents.

Matt Callaghan, the Chief Operating Officer at easyJet Holidays, expressed pride in offering thousands of free kids’ places and emphasized the importance of recognizing and strengthening grandparent-grandchild relationships. The promotion is part of the travel operator’s effort to facilitate meaningful family connections.

A poll of 2,000 British adults revealed that 56% regret not spending more time with their grandparents, and 54% express a desire to bring them on future holidays. Additionally, 59% of respondents expressed a wish to spend more time with older generations in their family, with 57% desiring to create holiday memories with their grandparents.

The offer, starting on February 1, is available for a limited number of customers, and proof of age and relation will be required upon arrival at the destination hotel. To qualify, the grandparent must travel as part of a family booking with at least one child.

Popular destinations for multigenerational holidays abroad, according to EasyJet Holidays, include Spain, Italy, and France. The research also found that more than half of those polled would let their grandparents choose the destination if planning a trip together.

Despite 45% of families acknowledging that grandparents are the bigger earners, only 35% would expect financial contributions from grandparents on a holiday, preferring to treat them instead. If financial contributions were considered, 39% of respondents would request grandparents to cover their share of the holiday, while 21% would ask them to pay for a meal or two during the trip.

EasyJet Holidays’ “grans go free” promotion aligns with the growing trend of multigenerational travel, responding to the increased interest among younger generations to create shared vacation experiences with their parents and grandparents.

The research findings highlight the emotional significance attached to grandparent-grandchild relationships, with a majority expressing regret over not spending more time with their grandparents. The desire to bring grandparents on future holidays underscores the importance placed on creating lasting memories and strengthening family bonds through shared travel experiences.

The offer not only aims to facilitate multigenerational holidays but also acknowledges the role of grandparents in family dynamics. The decision to allow one grandparent to travel for free is a recognition of their contribution to family life and a way to encourage families to prioritize these important relationships.

With travel trade publications identifying multigenerational holidays as a significant post-pandemic trend, EasyJet Holidays’ initiative aligns with broader shifts in consumer preferences. The popularity of destinations such as Spain, Italy, and France for multigenerational trips reflects the diverse interests and preferences of families.

As families increasingly value experiences over material possessions, the offer seeks to provide an opportunity for grandparents to be part of memorable family vacations. The limited-time promotion, combined with the requirement for the grandparent to travel as part of a family booking with at least one child, adds a practical dimension to the initiative.

While the offer encourages families to explore the world together, it also emphasizes the importance of intergenerational connections and shared moments. As the travel industry continues to adapt to evolving consumer preferences, initiatives like “grans go free” demonstrate a commitment to inclusivity and creating meaningful travel experiences for all members of the family.

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