Will there be season 2 of Grand Blue? read here for more information

There’s nothing new in this that so many Japanese comics get turned into animated shows. Similarly, one such animated show is Grand Blue. This Japanese comedy anime series was launched in July 2018. It consisted of 12 episodes in total. The last episode of this show was aired in September in the year 2018. Since that day, several people are eagerly waiting for the second season to arrive. Almost 3 years have gone by, and still, there’s no news about the sequel of this show. Various petitions have also been created to bring back the next season. Most of the sequels take at least 5 years to get released. So, this might be too early to demand for the second season. Till now, there are no announcements made regarding the sequel.

What would be the plot?

The story of this show is based on the life of Lori Kitahara. Lori is the freshman as well as the protagonist of this show. Lori starts with his college life and gets in touch with his relatives in the Grand Blue Shop. His life is filled with too many obstacles, but he overcomes them and lives his life. Along with Lori, new characters would be seen to enhance the storyline. Also, the love relationship between Lori and Chisa would get better. The plot would really be interesting this time and worth watching.  Waiting for the show is good because we know that it would be worth it in the end.

New characters

Aside from our favorite old characters, some new characters would be introduced. These new characters include Lori’s little sister, Shiori Kitahara. It is expected that she would bring some troubles for his brother. Also, Kanako Iida’s sister, Kaya Mizuki, would be seen. Her presence would affect the life of Otaku Kohei Imamura. The story would be amazing, and the characters would be excellent in their work. We hopefully say that there would be some news out about the upcoming second season of Grand Blue. Grand Blue would again win people’s hearts just like it did the first time with its first season.

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