Hidden Apps of iPhone: Discover it here!


Apple’s iPhone is stuffed with lots of hidden features and tricks that everyone wishes to discover. For instance, there is a hidden document scanner in Notes app of iPhone. The bloggers and tweeters do not leave any opportunity to post things that is not generally popular. Similarly, bloggers are flashing the hidden applications of the Apple’s iPhone. One such app is the QR Code scanners specifically dedicated to scan QR codes to gather more information.

You can easily scan QR codes using the other shortcuts present in the application. For instance, you can scan a QR Code using the Camera itself or there are shortcuts in control center from where you can scan the QR Code, but scanning using a particular QR Code scanner app will provide you with plenty of more information.

The camera QR Scanner or the other apps will provide you a small link at the top which will provide you the information but not up to the mark. But a dedicated QR Code scanner will tell you more about the code that you have scanned.

But there are few drawbacks; this dedicated QR Code scanner app is not available on iOS 14 app library or on the home screen. But yes, this app can be found using the spotlight search engine.

To find this app, all you have to do is swipe down the middle of the screen at your home screen and using the search bar that appeared on the top of the screen, you have to search using the key words like “code” or “Scanner”.

This will lead you to the suggestions including Code Scanner app option along with icon. Now, the app is just one click away. Open the app, use the flashlight option to get a clear picture of the QR Code scanner that needs to be scanned. Get all the information present on the QR Code that you scanned.

There are plenty of more hidden applications on ios14. Check out them as well.

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