Infosys to be Tennis Australia’s new partner on digital learning initiative

Infosys has partnered Tennis Australia in introducing a new digital skills project, after the extension of their digital innovation relationship last year.

With the launch of a digital learning programme aimed at building new education routes for underrepresented populations in Australia and New Zealand, global IT consultant Infosys has taken the next step in its cooperation with Tennis Australia. Infosys’ Springboard platform, which was launched in September of last year, will now be used to enhance Tennis Australia’s leadership initiatives.

Andrew Groth, senior vice president and head of Infosys in the ANZ, said, “We are tremendously thrilled to be working in close partnership with Tennis Australia on a variety of new digital accessibility and learning initiatives.”

“We decided that the next step of our connection would be to collaboratively design initiatives that have a larger positive impact on our community when we extended our digital innovation collaboration at the end of last year.”

The Infosys Springboard platform, which is part of the firm’s CSR programme aimed at empowering 10 million people through digital skills training by 2025, offers free, geographically tailored online courses developed in collaboration with a network of leading educational institutions, covering a wide range of tech and professional development subjects from beginner to advanced.

The platform will be used to boost Tennis Australia’s leadership programmes by include development modules in areas such as time management, design thinking, and leading for success to kick off its five-year CSR collaboration. Meanwhile, Infosys’ 5,500 employees in the region will be able to volunteer and mentor trainees in essential business and leadership skills.

The platform is also regularly analysed to improve usability and meet WCAG 2.1 AA digital accessibility criteria, according to the firm’s research, with only 3% of Australian organisations consistently incorporating accessibility, according to Groth. The platform aspires to serve indigenous populations and pupils from low-income families, in addition to persons with disabilities.

Tennis Australia’s partnerships director, Korey Allchin, said, “We’re excited that our relationship will also include activities that enable a more equal community.” “We’re aiming to make digital experiences more accessible to everyone who participates in our sport.” Infosys Springboard will also provide our future leaders with the opportunity to further their education in a cutting-edge digital learning environment.”

Infosys has previously collaborated on CSR initiatives with Tennis Australia, such as the Aces for Bushfire Relief in 2020, which raised over $6 million, and with other universities on digital skills programmes in Australia. Infosys and Deakin University signed an innovation and skills development collaboration agreement last year, and the company is also a part of the Victorian government’s $64 million digital re-skilling programme.

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