Ukraine seeks international trade embargo on Russia

As a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called for further international sanctions against the country, proposing a boycott of Russian oil and other Russian commodities, as well as the suspension of all foreign shipments to Russia.

Western sanctions imposed in response to Russia’s military offensive have already isolated the country to a degree never previously seen by a country with such a significant economy.

Zelenskiy stated that economic pressure on Russia needed to be escalated, and he called for an international trade embargo against the country.

During a video address, he stated that “if the invasion continues and Russia does not abandon its objectives against Ukraine, then a fresh sanctions package will be required… for the sake of peace.” He specifically mentioned a boycott of Russian oil and oil products as one of the measures needed.

In his words, “boycott imports to Russia”: “If they do not conform to civilised rules, then they should not be provided with commodities and services from civilization – let the conflict feed them.”

A spokesman for the Kremlin said on Monday that Russia has informed Ukraine that it is prepared to suspend military operations “in a minute” if Kyiv meets a list of requirements.

In a statement, Russian Foreign Minister Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow demanded that Ukraine cease military activity, revise its constitution to establish neutrality, admit Crimea as Russian territory, and recognise the separatist republics of Donetsky and Lugansky as sovereign states.

Moscow was the most detailed Russian statement to date on the conditions it wants Ukraine to meet in order to end what it calls a “special military operation,” which is currently in its 12th day of operation.

Moreover, they were informed that all of this can be stopped in a split second.

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