Allow Afghan girls to attend school: U.N. Security Council directs Taliban

As a result of the Taliban’s decision to deny girls access to high school education, the United Nations Security Council has voiced great concern over the decision and urged on the group to restore schools for female students immediately.

A statement from the United Nations on Sunday stated that “the members of the Security Council reaffirmed the right to education for all Afghans, including girls.”

According to reports last week, the Taliban retracted an announcement that female-only high schools would be established, stating that they would remain closed until an Islamic law-compliant plan for their re-opening could be formulated.

To avoid being fired, the Taliban has ordered all government workers to grow beards and adhere to a dress code, the latest in a series of new restrictions imposed by the extreme Islamist regime.

It has been reported that on Monday, representatives from The Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice were patrolling the doors of government offices in order to ensure that employees were following the new standards.

No beards were allowed, and employees were instructed to dress in traditional costume, which included a long, flowy shirt and trousers as well as a cap or a turban, according to the company. Two of the sources stated that they were also instructed to make certain that they prayed at the designated times.

Officials from the United States announced on Friday that the US has abruptly cancelled meetings with the Taliban in Doha that were scheduled to address critical economic issues as a result of the decision.

During a meeting of the Security Council, the United Nations Special Representative for Afghanistan Deborah Lyons was urged to engage with relevant Afghan authorities and stakeholders about the issue and report back on progress.

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