Climate change protesters block oil facility in UK

On their fourth day of action, climate activists from the Extinction Rebellion group announced they had blocked the entrance to an oil facility near London’s Heathrow Airport.

About 30 protestors were alleged to have blocked the Esso West oil facility in west London as part of a campaign to persuade the government to abandon its dependency on fossil fuels, according to the organisation.

Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil activists launched a statewide action on Friday to target oil terminals and refineries across the UK ahead of what they predict will be more disruption in London starting on April 9.

“We’re here to say that climate action can’t wait,” Extinction Rebellion’s Andrew Smith said.

“Right now, governments are choosing to take advantage of the Ukraine crisis to dole out oil licences and keep the fossil fuel economy that is destroying us going.”

On Saturday, police announced that they had arrested 83 people in 24 hours as a result of blockades in three places in London’s east end.

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