Google plans to invest $9.5 bln in US offices

Google (GOOGL.O), a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL.O), announced on Wednesday that it aims to invest $9.5 billion in its U.S. offices and data centres this year, up from $7 billion last year.

According to Google, the investment would result in the creation of at least 12,000 full-time employment by 2022, with data centres located in Nevada, Nebraska, and Virginia.

This year, the company plans to create a new office in Atlanta and expand its data centre in Storey County, Nevada, according to the company.

“Even as we welcome more flexibility in how we work, it may seem contradictory to increase our investment in physical workplaces. Nonetheless, we feel that investing in our campuses is more critical than ever…, “In a statement, Google stated.

Google has been attempting to entice staff back to several of its offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Asia Pacific by requiring employees to work from the office for three days per week, a move to terminate practises that allowed employees to work remotely due to COVID-19 concerns.

As part of its $1 billion housing commitment, Google will continue to invest in offices in its home state of California and support affordable housing initiatives in the Bay Area.

According to Google‘s 2021 economic impact report, the company helped generate $617 billion in economic activity for US businesses, inventors, and developers last year.

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