Bright Black Fashion – an international competition for fashion fanatics to kick start soon

Are you waiting for an opportunity to make yourself the fashion icon? Then here’s your answer – Bright Black Fashion – a digital platform where individuals from the fashion industry can showcase their talents via online challenges. The competition will begin on May 07, 2022, in San Luis, Argentina.

Fashion designers, makeup artists, models and fashion photographers are open to participating in the international online competition. Those who will be qualified for the Grand Finale will be attending the mega-event in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The winners from all the aforementioned categories will be getting the lifetime golden opportunity of working with elite renowned companies.

Andrea Laguna from Colombia and Alicia Becerra from Argentina are the two women behind this brilliant idea. Both got together in the past years to search and build numerous opportunities for talented people all across the globe.

Laguna, while speaking about the event and shedding light on it, stated, “We want to give opportunities to talented people who haven’t got the chance to show everything they can do in their industry. I have not lived in many countries, but even if I have only experienced a few, that kind of exposure changes you; I see it not only in myself but almost everyone who goes through it”.

“It opens your mind and network to become a better version of yourself and continue pursuing your dreams – at the very least, living in different countries gives a fresh perspective on life. So with Alicia (my partner), we put together connections in fashion and experience in entertainment to open as many doors as possible for others too.

On the other end, sharing her life experiences and speaking on the hardships faced by them, Becerra cited, “Bright Black Fashion is an amazing start to the participant’s careers. There is so much talent and diversity all over the world, and many people work hard but don’t get to the right place at the right time; all we want is to offer them that special opportunity.

One individual can register themselves for the event by visiting the official website at – or either through the Instagram account – @brightblackfashion, selecting the category they want to participate in, after which they will receive an email for further information.

Alicia further stated, “We have to get the word out that there is a new opportunity for those who are serious in getting an opportunity to shine and show their work”.

Andrea further added that the independent start of this platform had given them the freedom to adapt and evolve organically with the fashion industry and its audience, without the pressure of a tight script, which tends to happen when presented on TV or screening platforms.

Following the above statement, Andrea then talked about the evolution of fashion in the past decades, stating, “The world has changed so much in the last decade with the rise of social media as part of our daily lives and more so in the last couple of years, where people look for inspiration and want to see more relatable and approachable fashion, and diversity is a big thing, which gives opportunity to a wider range of talents. It is very exciting to see the evolution, inclusivity and consciousness that is taking place in the fashion industry“.

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