Russian users launch lawsuit against Apple after payment service pulled

A Russian law firm announced that it has launched a lawsuit against Apple (AAPL.O), demanding 90 million roubles ($1.28 million) in damages for customers who were harmed by Apple’s decision to withdraw its payment service from Russia.

Apple had infringed Russian consumers’ rights, according to law firm Chernyshov, Lukoyanov & Partners, when it prohibited the use of its built-in Apple Pay service on March 1 in response to Moscow’s sending soldiers into Ukraine.

It claims the complaint was filed with a Moscow court and seeks 90 million roubles in damages, including compensation for “moral damage” inflicted to citizens.

It also wants Apple to restore Russian consumers’ access to Apple Pay services.

The total amount could climb if the law firm continues to invite more people to join the lawsuit.

Apple’s primary U.S. corporation, according to Senior Partner Konstantin Lukoyanov, has decided to freeze sales of Apple goods and restrict services offered in Russia.

“As a result, the allegations in our action are addressed first and foremost at the parent firm and then to its subsidiary entities,” he said in a statement.

Apple’s decision to discontinue Apple Pay services in Russia, according to the law firm, has decreased the functionality of its devices offered on the Russian market, diminishing their worth, measures that it claims are illegal and discriminatory under Russian law.

A similar case is being pursued by the same legal firm against Netflix, which discontinued its service in Russia in March.

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