Over 6 million refugees flee Ukraine war

A UN refugee agency reported on Thursday that the number of people fleeing Ukraine to avoid Russia’s invasion had surpassed 6 million, making it Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II ended.

According to the latest International Organization for Migration (IOM) report, Russia’s invasion, which began on February 24, has resulted in a significant displacement of people, including more than 8 million Ukrainians within the country.

As of Wednesday, the United Nations reported that 6.03 million people have fled Ukraine.

Russia started a “special military operation” with the stated goal of demilitarizing and “denazifying” its southern neighbor. That is rejected by Kyiv and its Western supporters as a justification for an aggressive land grab.

The majority of migrants entered the European Union through border crossings in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania, where volunteers and governments rushed to help them find shelter and support.

Over 3.3 million individuals have crossed the border into Poland, the majority of them are women and children. According to the Polish government, roughly half of those who enter the nation intend to stay for the long term, posing problems to the housing market, schools, and healthcare systems.

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