Mercedes-Benz issues ‘do not drive’ warning for 292,000 vehicles in US

Mercedes-Benz said on Thursday that it is recalling 292,000 ML, GL, and R-Class cars from the 2006 to 2012 model years due to brake difficulties, adding that owners should immediately cease driving.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the German carmaker is issuing a voluntary “do not drive” recall due to possibly corroded brake boosters, which might drastically reduce braking performance and increase the danger of a catastrophe.

According to Mercedes-Benz USA, no accidents, injuries, or deaths have occurred as a result of the problem.

Owners of impacted automobiles will receive free towing, according to the business. A Mercedes dealer will assist in coordinating alternate transportation if a repair is required.

Cars without advanced corrosion can continue to be driven without further action, according to the NHTSA, while vehicles with advanced corrosion will be subjected to an extra test.

Vehicles that pass the test can be driven for up to two years before needing another repair, but those that fail will need to have their brake booster replaced.

“A particularly forceful or harsh braking technique might cause mechanical damage in the brake booster, causing the connection between the brake pedal and the brake system to fail,” according to the NHTSA. “It would not be feasible to slow or stop the car using the service brake in that case.”

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