100 days of Ukraine war: 200K children forcibly taken to Russia

The eastern section of the war-torn nation remains encircled 100 days after the conflict began, with Russian forces accused of carrying out missile assaults in several regions of the country. “Russia continues to execute long-range missile strikes against infrastructure across Ukraine outside the Donbas,” the UK’s defence minister warned on Wednesday. Officials reported a Russian missile damaged rail lines in the western province of Lviv, injuring five people. Rail lines are a major route for deliveries of Western weaponry and other goods. Meanwhile, Zelensky claims that over 200,000 children have been forcibly deported from the nation to Russia.

The following are 10 updates on the Ukraine conflict:

  1. Orphans, children taken with their parents, and youngsters separated from their families are among the 200,000 children forcibly transported to Russia, according to Zelensky.
  2. In his nightly video message to the country on Wednesday, which was International Children’s Day, Ukraine President said, “The objective of this criminal strategy is not simply to take people, but to make those who are deported forget about Ukraine and impossible to return.”
  3. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church reported two monks and a nun were killed in shelling on the renowned monastery on Wednesday, amid increased strikes in numerous regions of the east. It is one of the country’s most prominent monasteries, situated on the steep right bank of the Seversky Donets River.
  4. According to media, the Kremlin grabbed control of the eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk this week, giving Russia de facto authority of Lugansk. The Donbas is made up of two areas that make up Ukraine’s industrial core.
  5. The United States has agreed to supply Ukraine medium-range rocket systems. Kyiv has been pleading with the West for additional armaments.
  6. According to some sources, China has prohibited Russian airlines from flying foreign-owned planes inside its territory.
  7. The US donation of $40 billion in aid to Ukraine, the conviction of a Russian soldier, the first incidence of a war crime conviction, and the conclusion of the fight of Mairupol were some of the important incidents in the Ukraine conflict last month.
  8. Since the commencement of the war, the West has isolated Russia via harsh measures such as sanctions.
  9. On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, igniting the bloodiest crisis in Europe in decades. Despite the fact that governments all across the world have urged Moscow to choose peace, it has refused.
  10. Vladimir Putin declared a “special military operation” to “demilitarize” and “de-Nazify” the former Soviet state and defend Russian speakers there. The assertions of “de-nazification,” on the other hand, have been blasted.

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