Russia to soon open new version of McDonald’s; unveils logo

As it prepares to reopen its outlets on Sunday, the Russian fast food giant that was once known as McDonald’s in the nation has unveiled its new logo.

A circle and two lines appear in the new branding, which are claimed to depict a burger and two French fries.

Although a variety of possibilities have apparently been evaluated, the firm has not yet disclosed the name of the chain.

McDonald’s said in May that it will leave Russia due to the conflict in Ukraine.

According to Russian state-run news agency TASS, which quoted Sistema PBO, the corporation that controls the business previously owned by McDonald’s, the Russian brand is set to reopen 15 outlets this weekend.

“The logo’s green backdrop represents the high quality of products and service that our visitors have come to expect,” a Sistema PBO spokeswoman told TASS.

The new logo, according to social media users, still looks like a “M.”

Others speculated that the new design was influenced by Bangladesh’s flag, which features a dark green backdrop and a red circle in tones similar to the current emblem.

Sistema PBO has submitted eight prospective names for the new chain to Rospatent, the Russian government body in charge of intellectual property, according to the daily Izvestia.

“Tot Samyi,” which means “the same,” and “Svobodnaya Kassa,” which means “accessible cash register,” are among the names apparently being considered.

McDonald’s, Sistema PBO, and Rospatent did not react to calls for comment from the media right away.

In March, less than two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, McDonald’s briefly ceased operations in the nation.

It said last month that it will depart Russia because to the war’s “humanitarian disaster” and “unpredictable operational environment.”

Alexander Govor, who oversaw 25 McDonald’s restaurants in Siberia, would take over the company’s outlets, according to the report.

McDonald’s announced it will keep its trademark in Russia under the terms of the deal. It also has a 15-year option to acquire back its eateries.

McDonald’s has been operating in Russia for more than 30 years before announcing its departure.

In January 1990, the fast food behemoth established its first Russian outlet in Moscow.

Hundreds of consumers queued outside the first store in Pushkin Square, with many waiting hours for their first taste of the famed American burger.

It was seen as a watershed event in the Soviet Union’s economic liberalization as the Cold War came to an end.

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