Water crisis in India: Hundreds struggle to reach well

Every day, residents of Khadimal hamlet in Maharashtra, India’s westernmost state, are compelled to risk their lives for one bucket of water.

The hamlet is located in the Amravati district of Maharashtra’s Vidarbha area, which is prone to drought and has periodic heat waves.

The nearby village government, according to the inhabitants, sends tankers two or three times a day. The tanker drivers pour water into a well, causing a panicked scramble to fill buckets before the supply runs out.

Their problems are exacerbated by the poor quality of the water; according to them, children frequently become unwell after drinking contaminated water.

Following the publication of this video, district council CEO Avishyant Panda paid a visit to the community and stated that the administration will increase the frequency of water trucks. He also stated that they will attempt to establish a pipeline to permanently resolve the village’s water problem.

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