3.5 million children need clean water in Bangladesh after floods

According to UNICEF’s national representative, fifteen children have perished in Bangladesh’s recent flash floods, and another 3.5 million people urgently require access to safe drinking water as the danger of waterborne infections rises.

“That is a staggeringly large number of kids, rising from the previous several days. Huge sections are completely under water and are cut off from food and safe drinking water sources. Right now, children need assistance “said Sheldon Yett.

Following severe floods that affected a fourth of the South Asian nation, the government and humanitarian organizations have hurried to offer help, including water and other supplies.

According to Yett, the floods have also interrupted medical services, closed schools, and prevented hundreds of children from receiving treatment for malnutrition.

By the middle of this week, there were 2,700 cases of diarrhea, he noted.

Authorities in Bangladesh and its neighboring India have issued alerts about the possibility of an outbreak. Over 4.5 million people have been left stranded and many have died in Bangladesh, many as a result of the worst floods the northeastern Sylhet region has seen in more than a century.

Helicopters from the Indian air force have been sent to the Assam state in eastern India to drop food and other supplies on isolated populations.

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