Mexican mayor marries alligator in age-old ritual

A spectacular ceremony marking the union of an alligator bride and a Mexican small town mayor took place as traditional music played and guests danced while pleading with the indigenous leader to kiss the couple.

During the wedding on Thursday, Mayor Victor Hugo Sosa repeatedly complied by stooping to place his lips on the little alligator’s tied-closed snout in order to avoid accidental bite.

The ritual marriage is said to have originated among the indigenous Chontal and Huave groups of the state of Oaxaca hundreds of years ago, as a prayer begging for the richness of nature.

The mayor of the little fishing community on the sweltering Pacific coast of Oaxaca remarked, “We pray nature for enough rain, for enough food, that there be fish in the river.

Oaxaca, which lies in the underdeveloped south of Mexico, is probably the home of many indigenous communities that have steadfastly preserved their languages and customs.

The alligator or caiman is dressed in a white wedding dress as well as other vibrant clothing as part of the ancient tradition of San Pedro Huamelula, which is now combined with Catholic devotion.

The seven-year-old reptile, known as the “little princess,” is said to be a goddess who represents mother earth, and her union with the chief represents the union of people and the divine.

Locals carried the alligator bride around the village streets while men fanning it with their hats as trumpets blew and drummers hammered a joyous beat.

The godmother who planned the wedding, Elia Edith Aguilar, remarked, “It gives me such joy and makes me proud of my heritage.”

She added that she spent a lot of time worrying over the bride’s attire and expressed her gratitude for being trusted with conducting the ceremony.

It’s a really lovely ritual, she smiled, adding.

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