UK to host ‘Ukraine recovery’ conference in 2023

As nations assemble in Switzerland for this year’s conference, the foreign office said that Britain will hold a conference centered on assisting Ukraine recover from the devastation inflicted by Russia’s invasion the following year.

A Ukrainian delegation will be present at the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC2022), which gets underway on Monday in Lugano, to debate ways to restore Ukraine. Also attending will be officials from other nations, international organizations, and civil society.

Britain said that it was collaborating with Ukraine and others to host the conference the next year and that it would join a supervisory board to facilitate coordination of recovery efforts between Ukraine and its allies. There will be a London office established.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss stated in a statement that “We have led on help for Ukraine during the war and will continue to lead on support for the Ukrainian Government’s Reconstruction and Development Plan.”

“Ukraine’s ability to recover from Russia’s aggressive assault will serve as a testament to the triumph of democracy over authoritarianism. It will demonstrate to [Russian President Vladimir] Putin that his attempts to destabilize Ukraine have instead made that country stronger, wealthier, and more unified.”

Russian officials claim that the goal of their so-called “special military operation” is to save Ukrainians who speak Russian from persecution by nationalists or neo-Nazis. This, according to Ukraine and its friends in the West, is only a pretext for an imperial invasion war.

According to the Foreign Office, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy had requested that Britain advocate for the restoration of Kyiv and the surrounding area. Britain promised to leverage its knowledge of the banking industry to encourage investment in Ukraine.

Britain has already committed to giving $1.5 billion in multilateral loan guarantees and more than 100 million pounds ($120 million) in bilateral assistance.

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