Australia removes all Covid-related travel restrictions

Australia is lifting its final coronavirus-related travel restrictions two years, three months, and 25 days after the World Health Organization originally deemed Covid-19 a global pandemic.

As of this Wednesday, travelers to Australia will no longer need to present proof of immunization.

Following Australia’s removal of further regulations implemented during the pandemic, including as PCR tests for tourists and required quarantine periods, the final Covid-19 limitations for incoming visitors have been lifted.

According to Clare O’Neil, Minister for Home Affairs, “as more of people travel internationally and we get more competent in controlling our risk of COVID, our airports are increasingly busier.”

“Removing these requirements would encourage more visitors and skilled employees to select Australia as a destination, as well as minimize delays in our airports,” the statement reads.

“I know everyone who has been abroad since the borders opened will find this as one less item to worry about—especially as more Australians start traveling again,” the author says.

In order to disclose their Covid-19 vaccination status before to entering Australia, visitors are no longer need to submit a Digital Passenger Declaration, or DPD.

According to current regulations, travelers and guests who are traveling to Australia unvaccinated are no longer required to prove their vaccination status, complete any additional documentation, or request a travel exemption.

All travelers must continue to wear face masks on all flights across the nation.

Travelers have been patiently waiting to return to Australia, which at the height of the pandemic had some of the strictest entrance requirements.

As relatives and friends were reunited after more than two years apart, dramatic scenes at airports resulted from the bulk of the country being reopened to visitors who had completed their vaccinations in February. It was fully reopened a month later, with Western Australia being the last state to once again welcome visitors.

Australia, home to some of the best beaches in the world, rare animals, and some of the world’s oldest cultures, also has a new campaign to promote travel there. The tourism campaign, “Don’t Go Small. Go Australia,” serves as a reminder of all the adventures waiting for travelers Down Under.


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