Eid al-Adha to be low-key as food prices soar in Mideast

Mahmoud Abu Holy, a cattle trader in the Gaza Strip, should see his busiest season of the year during the Eid al-Adha festival. But many of the folks who ordinarily would purchase a sheep or a goat to sacrifice on the Muslim festival have left due to rising prices.

Abu Holy claims he cannot afford to lower prices due to the skyrocketing cost of animal feed, which is a result of the Ukraine crisis, which has shaken up the world’s agricultural markets, just a few days before Eid al-Adha begins on Saturday.

At the Khan Younis market in southern Gaza, Abu Holy remarked, “We stand here the whole day without selling any of our animals.”

When Mohammad Issa, 24, learned how much a sheep would cost, he made the decision not to purchase. He explained, “Last year I paid $300 for a sacrifice, today I found out it would cost $500 or $600 so I decided I wouldn’t do it.

One of Islam’s two major holidays, Eid al-Adha, is the culmination of the annual haj pilgrimage. During this time, Muslims sacrifice animals in remembrance of Abraham, also known as Ibrahim, who was willing to sacrifice his son at God’s order. Meat is frequently given to the less fortunate.

The impact of the Ukraine crisis, which has increased pressure on already high global food prices, is reflected in the fact that this year, people in several Arab countries claim higher prices mean they cannot afford the significant custom.

“I arrived to look at the prices and see whether we could buy. But compared to last year, the costs are absurdly high “In Sanaa, Yemen, where a truce earlier this year has provided relief from seven years of war but millions still suffer famine, Hamoud al-Asri made the statement.

I’m getting out because I can’t afford it.

The most populous nation in the Arab world, Egypt, has the highest market prices for sheep, which have increased by 50% to 90 Egyptian pounds ($4.77) a kilo. “We are unable to locate purchasers. What else should I do given that I can sell the kilogram for 70 pounds but still need to locate a buyer? “asked he.

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