British woman gets scary ‘plastic skin’ after falling asleep for 30 minutes while sunbathing

A 25-year-old British woman visiting Bulgaria for holiday had a terrible surprise. Sirin Murad, a London-based beautician, fell asleep while sunbathing and awoke with “plastic skin.” Pictures of her deformed skin have shocked and alarmed the internet.

In Sunny Beach, Bulgaria, Murad was enjoying the sun without applying any sunscreen to her face when she noticed some stiffness there. But she paid it little attention. After taking a 30-minute sun nap, Murad awoke to discover that her face had “plastic skin.”

Murad told the journalists, “At first, it really didn’t feel like anything; it simply felt a little sore when I placed pressure on it. Her face, however, began to peel off after a few days, revealing patches of tanned flesh underneath. The following day, it ached a lot, but when it started peeling, I really felt some relief. I felt a lot better and it didn’t hurt. Strangely, my skin has improved. It nearly seems revitalized; it even feels better than it did before,” she continued.

After the frightening incident, Murad is now motivated to spread the word about the importance of always applying sunscreen before going outside in the sun. Skin that has been severely sunburned frequently results in skin disfigurement and raises the risk of melanoma, a form of skin cancer that claims 2,300 lives in the UK each year.

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