Ford recalls 198k SUVs from US due to risk of fire

Following complaints of 25 fires, Ford Motor Co. (F.N) announced on Thursday that it is recalling 198,000 SUVs in the United States to replace the blower motor assembly.

The recall covers 2015-2017 model year Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator vehicles. Ford reported receiving three reports of fires connected to structural property damage and one incident of a minor injury. Ford will begin informing owners on September 12.

Ford stated that the callback had nothing to do with safety recalls allowed in July involving more recent 2021 Expedition and Navigator cars due to a potential engine compartment fire risk coming from the battery connection box. According to field data, the new recall’s problem primarily impacts vehicles with higher mileage and time in service.

The right-rear axle half shafts on 1,175 electric Mustang Mach-E vehicles from the 2022 model year are being recalled by Ford because they may have been built incorrectly and could break. Right-rear half shafts will be inspected by dealers and changed as necessary.

Ford said that there had been no reports of owner failures, but last month it was discovered that two of the cars at its Cuautitlan Assembly Plant in Mexico had fractured rear right half shafts.

Ford has conducted 52 distinct recall efforts this year, involving approximately 7.4 million vehicles, more than any other carmaker in the United States.

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