Russian tourists not banned as part of sanctions: Australia

According to sanctions against Russia related to the crisis in Ukraine, Australia will not prohibit Russian tourists from entering the nation, according to Defence Minister Richard Marles on Sunday.

Australia has imposed sanctions on hundreds of Russian individuals and institutions since the start of the conflict, including the majority of the Russian banking industry and all organisations accountable for the nation’s sovereign debt.

Additionally, it has given Ukraine humanitarian aid and defence equipment while forbidding the transfer of bauxite and other alumina and aluminium ores to Russia.

Marles responded that sanctions were directed at Russia’s government and “not the Russian people themselves” when asked if Australia would also exclude Russian tourists.

He told media, “This is not something we are exploring at this time.

After a recent request from the Ukrainian ambassador to Australia, Marles refused to be drawn on whether Australia will give Ukraine more Bushmasters and other protected vehicles.

The largest non-NATO military supporter of Ukraine, according to Marles, “we will be looking at how we can provide that continued support.”

Marles stated that Australia’s agreement to build nuclear-powered submarines for the AUKUS alliance, which includes the United States, Britain, and Australia, remained “on track” on Sunday.

Australia and the French military shipyard Naval Group achieved a 555 million euro settlement in June regarding Australia’s 2021 cancellation of a multi-billion dollar conventional submarine agreement in favour of nuclear-powered submarines through AUKUS.

It’s vital to avoid viewing the submarine acquisition process as “some kind of competition between the United States and the United Kingdom,” Marles said, adding that he was “certain” we would be able to announce which submarine in the first half of next year.

In order to assist us in acquiring this skill, both countries are cooperating closely with us, he added.

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