Australia: Increase wages for all, demands ACOSS

The organization for Australia’s poorest citizens wants jobless benefits raised for everyone, not only people over 55.

According to reports, the federal government intends to enhance the $50 per day JobSeeker stipend for long-term jobless people over 55 in next Tuesday’s budget.

According to ACOSS CEO Cassandra Goldie, “Around four out of five people would be struggling to survive on woefully inadequate JobSeeker & related payments would be left behind.”

The rumour from yesterday night, according to Dr Goldie, that an increase would only be recommended for those over 55 would not benefit at least two-thirds of persons who are long-term unemployed, he said.

She refuses to budge from ACOSS’ demand that all social payments be increased to $76 per day.

“We will see people living without food and essential medications as well as not being able to afford to keep roof over their heads until JobSeeker, Youth Allowance & related payments are increased for all,” Dr Goldie stated.

Jim Chalmers, the treasurer, issued a warning against the rumours on Tuesday, stating that there is a “broad swath of things we must do” in relation to JobSeeker.

It’s crucial that the JobSeeker payment be accurate. However, the issue at hand shouldn’t be viewed as being just concerned with the payments’ sufficiency, according to Dr. Chalmers.

On budget night, you’ll see what we have planned for this.”There are pressures coming from range of sources on Australians, young & old,” the minister said. “We will be very conscious of the pressure of younger Australians in the budget… The reason I’ve cautioned against assuming is that we should look at what the government announces next Tuesday night in its entirety.

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