Australian cricketer charged over drug supply

Stuart MacGill, a former Australian star cricketer, has been accused in connection with an alleged part he played in a large-scale cocaine supply operation.

On Tuesday, the 52-year-old man who had previously represented Australia in 44 Test matches was taken into custody by police in Sydney.

In 2021, it was stated that MacGill had been kidnapped and severely assaulted; this prompted their investigation.

The former spinner has not yet entered a plea but has in the past denied having any involvement in the distribution of illegal substances.

In April of 2021, MacGill made headlines across the world after reporting to police that he had been approached and pushed into a car in the Cremorne neighborhood of Sydney.

It is reported that he was brought to a distant place on the outskirts of the city, where he claims he was abused and threatened at gunpoint. After that, he was supposedly transferred to a third location, where he was freed.

MacGill allegedly got some minor injuries as a result of the event, but he did not need medical attention for them.

MacGill stated, “I’ve done nothing wrong,” in an interview that took place after the purported kidnapping, and the police at the time stated that he was “purely” a victim of the incident.

Including the brother of his then-partner, a total of six people have been charged in connection with the incident.

However, after a two-year investigation, the police have now also charged MacGill with participating in the supply of a substantial commercial amount of an illegal drug. This charge was added after the investigation was completed.

According to reports by the regional media, the purported transaction involved more than $200,000 worth of cocaine.

MacGill has been allowed to go free on bond, and he is scheduled to appear in court on October 26.

Between the years 1998 and 2008, MacGill served as a spinner for the national squad. At one point in time, he was ranked as the second-best bowler in the world, after his teammate Shane Warne.

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