Victoria: Daniel Andrews resigns as premier

After over nine years in office as the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews has announced that he will be stepping down from his position.

The statement, which was delivered on Tuesday during a hastily called press conference outside of parliament, follows extensive rumors and speculation in the media regarding his future. Later on, Jacinta Allan, who served as Andrews’ deputy, said that she would make a bid for the leadership of the Victorian Labor party.

Andrews announced his resignation as both the premier and the member for Mulgrave, effective Wednesday at 5 p.m. He was accompanied by his wife, Catherine, and their kids, Noah and Joseph, as he made the announcement.

“When it is time, it is time,” he said. “When it is time, it is time.”

“Recently, as I was chatting with my children and Cath, thoughts of what my life will be like after I leave this work started to make their way into my head.

“I have always been aware that the moment that occurs, it is time for me to go and to give this incredible privilege and responsibility to someone else,” she said.

He referred to his time as premier as “an honor,” and he was right.

“The very best part of this job is meeting and listening to thousands upon thousands of people from every walk of life, from every part of our state, and from every background on every point of view,” Andrews said. “This job has given me the opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life, from all parts of our state, and from every background.”

“I will be grateful for chance to lead this truly remarkable location,” she said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Anthony Albanese offered his compliments to Andrews and remarked that the latter “is a person of deep conviction, great compassion, and fierce determination.”

The Prime Minister stated that “He brought all those qualities to his time as Premier of Victoria,” and that “He brought all those qualities to his time.”

“Dan has always been a builder, and when it comes to education, health, infrastructure, and housing, he has built a legacy that endure for generations.”

He made specific reference to the Covid answer that was provided by the Victorian government.

“Dan’s leadership was tested by some of the toughest times,” Albanese stated. Dan never shied away from making the tough choices, even when faced with the unrelenting pressure of a pandemic that only occurs once every few decades.

Andrews stated that members of the Labor Parliamentary Party will get together on Wednesday at noon to pick who would succeed him as head of the party and as premier.

Even though Andrews stated that the selection would be made by the caucus, it is commonly believed that Allan, the current deputy premier, will be the one to take on the post.

Andrews added, “I am not here to speculate on who that might be and to give you my form guide or any of that – that will be determined by the colleagues.” “That will be determined by the colleagues,”

Allan stated that she would not make any additional statements until the party’s caucus voted on Wednesday afternoon, despite the fact that she had confirmed that she would put herself forward for the position of leader of the Victorian Labor Party.

After the announcement of the government’s historic housing statement the previous week, Andrews stated that he came to the conclusion that it was time for him to quit politics.

“As we got to the final stages of that,” he added, “I knew that it would possibly be the last big reform that I did.” “It was the last big reform that I did.”

“When those thoughts of what… life would be like after this role start to creep in, ultimately you will have to make a really important choice”.

Andrews stated that he didn’t want to start resenting the position because “this is such a great honour and privilege” for him. “It is such a significant thing, you never want to finish up in a situation where you are not enjoying the work,” he said. “It is such a profound thing.”

The outgoing premier expressed his gratitude to his wife and stated that he was looking forward to spending more time with her and his children, as well as playing golf and reading a “pile” of books that he had not before examined.

2014 marked the year that saw the election of the Labor government led by Premier Andrews, who is expected to lead his party to a third term in November 2022.

In the beginning of this year, he established himself as the Labor Party’s longest-serving premier in the state.

In 2002, Andrews won his first election to represent the constituents of Mulgrave in the House of Representatives. In the ministry of Steve Bracks, he was the minister for consumer affairs and gambling. In the government of John Brumby, he was the minister for health.

In 2010, he was elected as the leader of the Labor party for the state, and in 2014, he was elected as the premier.

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