Australia sends two flights for Israel-Hamas affected people

In addition to the two Qantas services that have already been announced, the Australian government is working to organize at least two charter flights for its nationals so that they can escape Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Australian government stated on Friday that there had been “no evacuation” of the Australian embassy in Tel Aviv, while describing the situation in the region as “highly challenging and rapidly changing.” Additionally, the government stated that there had been “no damage” to the embassy.

Israel has started the process of burying the victims of the strikes by Hamas militants that took place over the weekend. The death toll in Israel currently stands at 1,300, including children, and officials have identified the identity of roughly 100 of the persons who were carried prisoner into Gaza.

More than 1,500 Palestinians, including 500 children, have been killed as a result of Israeli strikes since Saturday, according to the Gaza Strip’s Ministry of Health. According to Human Rights Watch, their investigation led them to the conclusion that Israel used white phosphorus in military operations over the port of Gaza City and two rural places along the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Penny Wong, the minister for Australian foreign affairs, stated that the government was aware of the presence of 19 Australian citizens in Gaza. Wong told reporters in Adelaide, “Obviously, the situation in Gaza is extremely difficult,” as he described the situation in Gaza.

“The United States and we are having conversations with Egypt about the possibility of establishing humanitarian corridors,”

After some time had passed, Wong and Catherine King, the minister of transport, made the announcement that the government had “secured additional assisted-departure flights for Australians affected by the situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.”

It is anticipated that the government-supported charter service will operate at least two flights with destinations of Dubai, departing from Ben Gurion airport.

These flights will operate independently from the two Qantas flights that have already been announced between Ben Gurion airport and London. Friday and Sunday are the days that Qantas flights will be available.

Wong and King issued a joint statement in which they stated that “the Australian government will continue to work on options for onward travel from Dubai and to support those who are unable to reach Tel Aviv.”

“All land crossings into Jordan are currently available for travelers. Before departing, Australians are encouraged to check on the current conditions of these crossings.

Because of the precarious state of the security situation, it is difficult to leave the Gaza Strip.

Wong advised that anyone who wished to leave the region and were able to do so should not put off their departure until a later time if at all possible.

When Hamas launched their attack, a Christian delegation from Newcastle, Australia, that was visiting Israel was among the casualties. The majority of the party was successful in making their escape, but there are still five people stuck here.

The vacation was led by Brittany West’s parents, who returned to Australia on Thursday after conducting the trip overseas. She stated that the other individuals have registered for a repatriation flight, but they are unsure of what more to do. This is due to the fact that at the time the flights were only supposed to go to London, and the individuals already have other commercial flights scheduled back to their respective countries.

We just do not know which flights will be operating and which will be canceled, which is why we have chosen to register for the repatriation trip. However, if they have a commercial trip already booked, they do not qualify for the discount; therefore, they must cancel their travel. The question is, “And what if they don’t get on that?”

West reported that they were still at the hotel they had been in the entire time and that they were “safe enough for now.”

She stated that even now, “They are required to dash to the bomb shelter each time the sirens sound and incoming missiles are detected.”

“The woman I spoke to stated that as their group size continues to decrease, they are feeling more alone and fearful.”

According to what she stated, her parents are relieved to be home, but they won’t be able to unwind until everyone is.

Later on, Qantas made the announcement that it will be flying an Airbus A380 from London to Sydney (via Singapore) on Tuesday in response to demands made by the Australian government to assist Australian citizens in returning home. There will be 484 available seats on the flight that leaves from London.

According to the airline, “passengers on these flights are traveling free of charge, with Qantas covering the costs of their travel.”

However, Qantas stated that the flights were “subject to ongoing safety and security assessments, and regulatory approvals in several countries” because of the “uncertain situation in the region.”

The airline, which has had challenges with its reputation in recent months, complimented its personnel for trying to help out, even though the business itself has suffered.

More over 900 Qantas crew members volunteered to work on these two flights, which is a significant increase from the minimum requirement of 70. We extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of them, as well as to everyone who worked tirelessly behind scenes to make these special assistance flights a reality.

An Israeli academic who currently resides in Melbourne, Ran Porat has a significant amount of family still living in the Middle East. “My family has been directly affected, but thankfully there have been no casualties,” he said. “My family has been directly affected.”

“An assault took place at the rave in the south that one of my nephews was attending. He was forced to conceal himself for more than a day… It was a stroke of good fortune that he was found safe and sound.

Despite a report that the Australian embassy in Israel could have to be evacuated on Friday morning, a representative for Dfat stated that the staff members and their families were still present at the embassy.

According to the statement made by the spokesperson, “All Australian diplomats, their families, and locally engaged staff are accounted for, and they remain safe.”

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