Australia: Albanese to announce free Taylor Swift tickets

Anthony Albanese, among other federal politicians, received complimentary tickets to attend Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated concert in Sydney last month. The Prime Minister openly expressed his admiration for Swift, even dubbing himself a “Swiftie” during her visit to Australia in February. He disclosed the receipt of tickets to her performance in Sydney on his parliamentary register of interests, clarifying that they were provided by Universal Music Group, Swift’s record label.

Albanese was spotted enjoying the concert alongside his fiancée in one of the corporate boxes at Accor Stadium, dancing to Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off”. Similarly, Sports Minister Anika Wells disclosed that she was a guest of Frontier Touring, the tour’s promoter, when attending Swift’s concert. Another attendee, Labor MP Alison Byrnes, shared that she accompanied her husband, NSW state Labor MP Paul Scully, who received tickets and hospitality for the concert.

Several other federal politicians also attended Swift’s concerts, with some posting photos online. Coalition MPs Andrew Wallace, Hollie Hughes, and former Prime Minister Scott Morrison were among them. Wallace clarified that he purchased tickets for himself and his family to attend a Melbourne concert, while Hughes received hers as a Christmas gift from a family friend.

During the lead-up to Taylor Swift’s Australian tour, the Prime Minister frequently expressed his excitement about her performances in various media appearances. However, Deputy Liberal Leader Sussan Ley challenged him to give up his ticket to a genuine Swift fan.

In addition to Swift’s concert,  Australia reported on federal politicians accepting numerous free tickets to various events over the summer, including cricket matches, tennis tournaments, horse races, and concerts, from various organizations and brands.

Since then, more politicians have disclosed receiving complimentary tickets to popular events. For instance, Liberal MP Karen Andrews received tickets to Pink’s concert on the Gold Coast from the Gold Coast Suns. Meanwhile, federal minister Tony Burke disclosed receiving tickets to corporate suites for Paul McCartney and the Foo Fighters, as well as tickets to other events, courtesy of different organizations.

Other politicians, such as Health Minister Mark Butler and Labor MP Cassandra Fernando, also disclosed receiving tickets to events like Womadelaide and soccer games. Similarly, Trade Minister Don Farrell accepted tickets and hospitality to the Kangaroo Island Racing Carnival, while Shadow Resources Minister Susan McDonald disclosed receiving various benefits related to attending a convention in Toronto.

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