Thailand: Ferry catches fire, all 108 people onboard survived

Frantic passengers leaped into the choppy waters of the Gulf of Thailand in a desperate bid to escape a ferocious blaze that engulfed their ferry during the early hours of Thursday. Miraculously, all 108 individuals aboard managed to survive the harrowing ordeal.

The ferry, en route from Surat Thani province to Koh Tao, a beloved tourist hotspot nestled off the Thai coastline, was nearing its destination when a sharp crackling noise pierced the air, followed by the acrid scent of smoke, alerting one vigilant passenger, Maitree Promjampa, to the impending danger. Within moments, billowing smoke and flames engulfed the vessel, prompting panicked cries and the sounding of alarms.

Describing the chaotic scene, Maitree recounted the frantic scramble to secure life vests amid tears and anguish. Of the 108 individuals aboard, comprising 97 passengers and additional crew, all were safely rescued, according to Surat Thani officials who confirmed the fortunate outcome via social media channels.

Terrifying footage captured the frantic exodus from the ferry’s cabins as passengers hastily donned life vests amidst thick plumes of black smoke that quickly shrouded the vessel. Despite the rapid escalation of the fire, which ultimately consumed the ferry, prompt response efforts prevented any casualties.

Maitree, a resident familiar with the Surat Thani-Koh Tao route, recounted the tense wait for rescue as nearby boats hesitated to approach due to the risk of explosions. Faced with limited options, passengers were compelled to leap into the sea, with self-preservation becoming paramount.

It emerged that the fire originated in the ferry’s engine, prompting ongoing investigations into its cause. Despite the ferocity of the blaze, diligent firefighting efforts managed to contain the inferno, averting a potential disaster at sea.

The Surat Thani-Koh Tao ferry route, vital for commuters and tourists alike, spans approximately 60 miles across the glistening waters of the Gulf of Thailand, serving as a lifeline for those traversing between mainland Thailand and the idyllic island destination.

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