Cancer treatment on, King Charles resumes public duties

King Charles is set to return to public appearances next week following positive progress in his cancer treatment, according to Buckingham Palace. Although it won’t be a full schedule of royal engagements, the palace is indicating that there’s reason for optimism.

The King will begin with a visit to a cancer treatment center on Tuesday. He has plans for a state visit later in the summer, where he will welcome the Emperor and Empress of Japan. In the upcoming weeks, he is expected to participate in additional public events.

The King is said to be pleased to be getting back to more public activities, but the palace emphasizes caution. His treatment, which started in February, is ongoing, and there’s no set end date. Buckingham Palace’s announcement on Friday stated that it’s still too soon to determine when his treatment will conclude. The King’s doctors are encouraged by his progress and remain optimistic about his continued recovery.

While the palace has not disclosed the type of cancer, it noted that the King’s medical team is satisfied enough with his progress to allow him to start taking on public-facing duties again. A recent photo of the King and Queen Camilla in the Buckingham Palace gardens was released alongside the announcement.

It’s still uncertain if the King will participate in major upcoming events like Trooping the Colour, the D-Day commemorations, summer garden parties, Royal Ascot, or overseas trips in the autumn. These decisions will be made based on medical advice closer to the time, with the palace clarifying that there won’t be a “full summer program.”

King Charles had been absent from regular royal engagements since a procedure for an enlarged prostate and his subsequent cancer diagnosis announced in February. Next week’s visit to the cancer treatment center, accompanied by Queen Camilla, will involve meeting with patients and staff to show support for cancer research—though it’s not where he is being treated.

While he has continued with private responsibilities like regular meetings with the prime minister, this will be his first official public engagement of the year. The King surprised onlookers by greeting well-wishers at an Easter Sunday church service in Windsor.

In late June, King Charles will host the Emperor and Empress of Japan, marking the first state visit from Japan since 1998. Typically, these visits feature a state banquet and a carriage parade, but adjustments may be made depending on the King’s health.

The royal family has faced a challenging start to the year, with the Princess of Wales also receiving cancer treatment. Public scrutiny and social media speculation have been intense, so the palace hopes that this positive update will help stabilize their public image.

King Charles has expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support and has appreciated the humorous cards and well wishes sent to him since his cancer diagnosis. On Friday, Buckingham Palace reiterated that the King and Queen “remain deeply grateful for the many kindnesses and good wishes they have received from around the world throughout the joys and challenges of the past year.”

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