Charles Barkley Calls Anthony Davis ‘Street Clothes’!!

Anthony Davis sat back and watched the Phoenix Suns defeat the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night. The Suns led by 30 points at halftime and then won 115-85 when things moved to Staples Center to take a 3-2 lead.

In a thrilling series, the Los Angeles Lakers lost their game to the Phoenix Suns in Game Six. A.D.’s groin injury worsened, and Los Angeles had to surrender to the much-improved Suns. But Anthony Davis started the game and, against all odds, injured himself and had to leave the court.
Anthony Davis suffered a knee injury against the Phoenix Suns in Game 3 and in Game 4 injured his groin, which proved to be a fatal blow to the Lakers season. He missed Game 5 and tried to play in Game 6 but left after just five minutes.

Injuries have been a story this season as L.A. Lakers star Anthony Davis was sidelined from February 14 to April 22 with calf and Achilles injuries. Phoenix came out of the gate trying to capitalize on the absence of the Lakers and their best defender Anthony Davis. Charles Barkley called Davis “Mr Street Clothes,” alluding to what the Lakers would have missed without Davis and LeBron James.

On Tuesday night, Superstar Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers missed the fifth game against the Phoenix Suns after sustaining a left groin strain in the fourth game of the series. Davis finished with a rebound and an assist as the Lakers suffered a 113-100 defeat, ending their hopes of defending the title in 2020. Devin Booker led the Suns with 30 points, seven rebounds, and five assists in the game.
Anthony Davis did not play last night because of a groin injury as the Lakers were swept by the Suns, 115-85, in Game 5. The loss put the Lakers under pressure 3-2 in the series, but it also showed how vital Davis is to the team. Davis left the first half of Game 3 against the Suns after overstretching his knee and did not return. He also missed the Lakers’ loss to the Suns on Tuesday night, leaving the Lakers just one game away from playoff elimination.

After the match, Barkley reflected on the game and spoke about Davis’ training regime. A few days later, Barkley called A.D. after he appeared to be sidelined with an injury. Sometime after halftime, he called the Lakers’ medical staff to get the team to let him play.
Charles Barkley is known for his dogged analysis, but he railed against his comment about Anthony Davis. Barkley went after Davis on Tuesday, sharing his disparaging nickname for the Los Angeles Lakers star. Barkley spoke out after Davis injured himself just in time for the Lakers to pull out of the season’s championship race.

Watch today’s shooting on Tuesday night against Los Angeles Lakers star Anthony Davis headlined NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley. Barkley shot at Davis as he lay injured and not on the ground. Asked what he meant by the comment, Barkley said he called Davis “street clothes” because he wore street clothes under his uniform in the game.

Former NBA veteran Charles Barkley isn’t one to hold back when talking about today’s game. He did not hold back when talking about Anthony Davis on Tuesday night. Charles Barkley has a new nickname for Anthony Davis, and that has nothing to do with his shaved eyebrow.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Game 6 is the status of Anthony Davis. He suffered a groin injury in the second quarter of Game 4 and missed Game 5. Charles Barkley predicted the Suns would win the series: “Forget the championship.

The Los Angeles Lakers are just one loss away from their season finale, and it seems celebrity superfan Snoop Dogg has given up on the team after losing Game 5 to the Phoenix Suns. As defending NBA champions, the Lakers are on the verge of elimination in the first round of the 2021 playoffs after being eliminated on Tuesday night in Game 5 in Phoenix.

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