Confidential integrity report was leaked, confirms Australian cricket board

After a confidential report from Cricket Australia’s anti-corruption section was leaked to the public on Sunday, CEO Nick Hockley stated police were aiding the governing body.

On Sunday, the Melbourne media reported receiving a tape of a phone call between a lady and Cricket Australia’s former integrity chief, Sean Carroll, in which the woman said a player was using cocaine.

The anonymous athlete had been “snorting lines” of cocaine and dancing naked on a balcony while partying, according to the woman, who introduced herself as a high-class escort.

It’s unclear when the phone call occurred. Carroll announced his departure from Cricket Australia (CA) a year ago.

The woman’s complaint was “unsubstantiated” and “historical,” according to Hockley, but the board had alerted police about the leak.

Hockley told reporters at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday that “any taking of personal information is a crime.” “As a result, we’re getting help from Victorian cops.”

“Clearly, it’s critical that individuals can call our integrity line with complete trust, knowing that everything would be kept secure.”

The recording was given to the paper using an encrypted email service from an unidentified address, according to the media.

A former CA employee claimed to be the source of the leak, claiming that he “intended to highlight deficiencies in the integrity unit.”

CA’s integrity reporting protocols, according to Hockley, are examined on a regular basis to ensure they are “absolutely best practise.”

The disclosure comes just over a month after a confidential probe of former captain Tim Paine by CA’s integrity unit was made public, causing the wicket-keeper to resign as captain and leave the squad.

In 2017, Paine admitted to sending sexually explicit text messages to a former Cricket Tasmania employee, but CA’s investigation exonerated him the following year.

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