Australia PM’s ratings fall months before elections, poll shows

According to a widely respected poll released on Tuesday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s approval ratings have fallen as a result of his management of the Omicron-driven coronavirus outbreak, which has sparked a backlash, putting opposition Labor in the lead months before a federal election.

According to a study conducted by research firm Resolve Strategic for the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Australian people are losing faith in Morrison and his Liberal-National Party coalition government on the economy, jobs, health, and the reaction to a fast-moving Omicron wave.

Before an Australian court upheld a government decision to suspend unvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic’s visa just ahead of the Australian Open, a poll of 1,607 people was conducted.

A medical exemption that permitted the Serbian world No. 1 to enter the nation without getting vaccinated against Covid-19 provoked outrage in Australia and became a political issue for Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Morrison has always had a comfortable advantage against Labor leader Anthony Albanese, but he has squandered a double-digit lead he had just two months ago. Morrison is supported by 38 percent of voters, while Albanese is supported by 31 percent.

Since November, Labor has boosted its primary support to 35% from 32%, while the ruling coalition’s has dropped five points to 34%.

Morrison, who must call an election before May, has come under fire for his management of the Omicron outbreak, which has pushed daily infections to new highs, causing hospitalisation rates to skyrocket, and putting a strain on health services.

Instead of reimposing limits earlier this month, he urged Australia should “push through” the Omicron wave and reduce isolation requirements for close connections to relieve pressure on firms dealing with personnel shortages.

Morrison has a history of trailing in polls. He had just recently become Prime Minister after his predecessor was ousted in a party-room vote more than three years ago, but he nevertheless managed to achieve a surprising election victory in May 2019.

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