Australia’s May 21 elections to focus on economy, climate and trust

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that Australia will conduct a general election on May 21, kicking off a campaign expected to be waged over cost-of-living concerns, climate change, and questions of confidence and competency among the major parties.

In calling the election, Morrison emphasised economic uncertainty and security challenges, saying now was not the time to throw the keys to an untested opposition Labor leader, Anthony Albanese.

“On May 21, the only way to assure a robust economy for a greater future is to vote for the Liberals and Nationals,” Morrison told reporters in Canberra.

The opposition Labor Party claims to offer the Australian people a “better future” than the conservative coalition.

After nine years in power, Morrison’s coalition, which has a one-seat majority in the lower chamber of parliament, is trailing Labor in public polls. Conservatives, on the other hand, lag behind in the lead-up to the previous election, which they won in May 2019.

Both Morrison and Albanese said on Sunday that Australians have encountered a variety of challenges since the previous election, ranging from fires and floods to the COVID-19 pandemic, recession, and now rising food and fuel prices.

Morrison claimed that his government’s stringent Covid-19 restrictions had saved thousands of lives and accelerated the epidemic recovery, lowering unemployment to 4%.

“Now is not the time to take that chance,” Morrison said, adding that Labor’s higher taxes and deficits would harm the economy.

Albanese responded by claiming that the administration lacked a vision for the country, whereas his party had proposals to reduce child care expenses, improve elderly care, stimulate manufacturing, and accelerate renewable energy growth.

“We currently have an economy that isn’t serving the needs of the people. People are aware of this. They’re putting in a lot of effort “Albanese made the announcement to media in Sydney.

“We’ve had a challenging couple of years…

Australians deserve better when we emerge from this.”

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