Iceland-US focus on strengthening security in North Atlantic

Dr Mara Karlin, who was acting in her role as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy on Friday, February 24, invited the Ambassador of Iceland to the United States, Bergdis Ellertsdóttir, as well as the Deputy Chief of Mission, Dav Sigursson, to an in-person meeting at the Pentagon.

The leaders discussed the growing momentum on the following steps to deepen the United States and Iceland’s relationship, efforts to strengthen security in North Atlantic, and Icelandic contributions in support of Ukraine people who are suffering from atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by Russian Federation. In addition, they emphasized the significance of taking action to address climate change and its effects on the Arctic region.

The United States and Ireland have maintained a long and close relationship. From their shared history of immigration to their current economic and political ties, the two nations have developed a strong bond that has spanned generations.

The two nations have a shared history of immigration. During the 19th century, millions of Irish immigrants travelled to the United States for a better life. This large influx of Irish immigrants had a significant impact on the development of the United States. The Irish immigrants brought their distinct culture, religion, and language, which helped shape the nation’s culture.

The United States and Ireland have also had a close political relationship. The two nations have been allies since the beginning of the Cold War and have maintained strong ties. The United States and Ireland have also collaborated on peacekeeping, counterterrorism, and humanitarian assistance issues.

The United States and Ireland also have a robust economic relationship. The United States is a significant market for Irish exports such as whiskey, seafood, and software. The two countries have also engaged in various trade agreements over the years, which have helped to boost economic growth in both nations.

The United States and Ireland have worked together to address the global refugee crisis in recent years. The two countries have collaborated on various initiatives, including humanitarian assistance, resettlement programs, and refugee educational opportunities. The United States and Ireland have had a long and close relationship over the years.

From their shared history of immigration to their current economic and political ties, the two nations have developed a strong bond that continues to grow in strength.

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