Australia: Pizza Hut under cyber attack; customers’ info leaked

According to the company, Pizza Hut’s operations in Australia have been the subject of a cyberattack, and as a result, sensitive customer information such as delivery addresses and order details may have been compromised. This information may have been stolen.

Phil Reed, the chief executive officer of Pizza Hut Australia, explained in an email that was sent to the company’s customers on Wednesday that Pizza Hut became aware at the beginning of September that there had been “unauthorised third party” access to certain of the company’s data. Reed said that Pizza Hut was concerned about the security of its customers’ personal information. According to Reed, this information was disclosed in the email.

“We secured our systems, engaged forensic and cybersecurity specialists, and initiated an ongoing investigation to help us understand what occurred, and identify the data that was impacted,” he continued. “The investigation is helping us understand what occurred, and identify the data that was impacted.” “The investigation will assist us in comprehending what took place as well as determining the data that was impacted”.

According to Reed, the details of customers and their online orders were retrieved from Pizza Hut’s customer database and included in the information that was obtained. Names, as well as postal and email addresses, phone numbers, and specific delivery instructions, were among the pieces of information collected.

It would also contain credit card numbers and passwords that have been encrypted, for accounts that have already been registered, as well as information that has been encrypted.

He added that the hack had not had an effect on operations and that the breach had been informed to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. He also mentioned that the hack had been reported. In addition to that, he mentioned that the incident was made public.

A spokesperson for Pizza Hut Australia said in a statement that the company estimates the data breach has affected the personal information of about 193,000 consumers.

“We have contacted these customers to inform them of the incident and to advise them of the steps they can take to protect their information and avoid any potential scams,” a spokeswoman said.

The company did not offer any clarification in response to questions regarding how far in the past the data collected dates to.

A website that investigates data breaches announced earlier this month that it had obtained a sample of the customer data from the individuals who are being accused of hacking the website. The data that was collected from the suspected hackers is consistent with the categories of data that Pizza Hut indicated were stolen. These categories include information about stolen credit cards and passwords that were hashed. The website that made the report was hacked by the individuals who are suspected of carrying out the hacking.

There are 260 Pizza Hut restaurants located around the continent of Australia. In the month of June, the private equity firm Allegro Funds from Australia sold Pizza Hut Australia to the Flynn Restaurant Group from the United States. This sale came after Allegro Funds underwent a number of organizational adjustments.

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